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Well Over Fifty Festival Program

Hello everybody! It is the very first draft announcement of the Well Over Fifty festival program. It is yet to be amended and augmented.

Tziporah Salamon (66), a New York fashion guru, is coming to the festival especially to teach you how to develop your own unique style and look elegant and amazing without spending too much money on clothes.

Roger Allsopp (75) swam the English Channel when he was 70 and entered Guinness World Records. He is coming to the festival to teach its participants long-distance swimming, which is one of the most effective ways to get healthy and fit.

Annabel Davis (65), an actress and model, will tell you how to stay in perfect shape, and give you expert advice how to look great on camera after 50. She is coming with her husband, whom she married a year ago.

Suzi Winson (51) will give flying trapeze lessons, show you aerial silk moves, and teach you safe but eye-catching acrobatic stunts.

Ken Solin (71), a coach, a dating expert, and the author of numerous international best-sellers on how to find love after 50, will provide you with very actionable recommendations on dating and building relationships.

Suzi Grant (65) will tell you how to maintain your natural beauty, how to feel great and enjoy life after 50.

Zhang Shanming (49) will teach you ancient Taoist practices that help people of any age and level of physical activity get a strong, flexible, and healthy body.

Ludmila Voronova (64) will conduct workout sessions for 'Iron People' that allow her to finish very challenging IronMan Triathlon races again and again. She will also show you some simple and efficient exercises that help the body stay in perfect shape.

Irena Bar (52) will teach you how to get rid of harmful stereotypes in your wardrobe, and how to choose exactly the right clothes that suit you perfectly.

Greta Pontarelli (65) will proudly present her new pole dancing show and run a workshop for beginners.

Joan Price (72), advocate for ageless sexuality, media-dubbed “senior sexpert, ” and author of three books about senior sex will shatter the myths about sex and aging. 

Victor Michaelson (60) will explain how to eat to stay healthy and look great.

Galya Morrell (54) will share her experience on how to fulfill your childhood dreams after fifty, and how to live a life of adventure.

Lev Korogodsky (50) will answer all your questions on love and relationships after fifty, and will help you overcome the fears that keep you from living full life at any age.

Larissa Inozemtseva (53) will teach you a quick, simple and very effective morning workout and other exercises that allowed her at the age of fifty to really enjoy sports for the first time in her life.

Several brilliant dancers will teach dancing classes (there will be several, for you to try and find what you like best).

Every night we will have special events, private parties and concerts only for the guests of the festival.

Contact us at or +44 2 038 089 334 or make a reservation

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Diane Zell
I have booked my flights from Seattle and paid my 100$ fee.what's next?
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