Chandro Tomar, Who Shoots and Doesnʼt Miss

Chandro Tomar, who is from the the state of Uttar-Pradesh in India, picked up a gun for the first time at 68. Actually, she brought her granddaughter to the shooting range, but out of boredom, decided to try shooting herself. Thatʼs when she realized that the sport of shooting is her true calling.

Tomarʼs very first shot was surprisingly on target.

“I got addicted to shooting the moment I picked up a gun, ” she admits. “Plus, the trainer immediately noticed me and invited me to come back to the shooting range. Thatʼs how I started practicing every week.”

Quickly, Chandro Tomarʼs successes began to make other shooting aficionados uncomfortable. Strong, young men, not to mention athletes, were too shy to shoot in her presence because they were afraid their results would be laughable next to the elderly womanʼs.

In the following 10 years, Chandro Tomar won 25 national championships. Remembering, at the same time, to keep up with her household, help her six children, and raise her 15 grandchildren. When household tasks kept her from going to the shooting range, Tomar practiced her accuracy in her own back yard: by throwing stones at bottles filled with water.

Tomarʼs example turned out to be contagious. Her daughter, Sima, picked up a gun too.

“Mom showed me that nothing is impossible, ” she says. In 2010, Sima won the Rifle and Pistol World Championship.

Now, Chandro Tomar doesnʼt only compete herself; she also trains other women from her village.

Under Tomarʼs influence, some of her trainees became seriously involved in the sport and became professional shooters on an international level.

Chandro Tomar doesnʼt just adore shooting; she really loves winning. Once, she invited a police officer to a shoot-off and won by a large margin.

“I simply destroyed him, ” Tomar remembers. “It was wonderful.”