Suzi Grant, Who Stopped Being Invisible

After fifty, Suzi Grant decided it was time to get serious about her looks. Indeed, she got so serious that she accidentally changed her occupation, city of residence and attitude towards life.

When Suzi turned fifty, she started feeling invisible. For many years she had been working on TV and building her career as a reporter, but after fifty she was no longer invited to join new projects. Producers were more willing to see younger faces on the screen. The only job Suzi was able to get was to announce nighttime news when nobody was watching. Moreover, even this job she could only get out of respect for her professional qualities.

“People of my age know this feeling quite well”, she tells. “When people around you are acting as if you are not even there”.

Quite soon Suzi got tired of exhausting night shifts and condescending attitude. She decided to change everything and moved from the enormous city of London to the coast—to Brighton, the city of creativity and art. Suzi began to study the science of healthy nutrition and promised to herself that she would do anything to never be invisible again.

“After I'd moved to Brighton, I started working on my own personal style”, Suzi recalls. “There are so many people over fifty here who dress unusually that you come to wonder about the possibilities age brings. You see a lady in her seventies on the street and you think, wow, she looks great! How does she even do that? There is an English phrase: 'mutton dressed as lamb”. It illustrates perfectly how I don't want to be perceived after fifty. I have decided to learn how to dress well without forgetting about my age”.

To figure that out, Suzi went to a professional stylist. Firstly, the stylist helped her to determine the colors that suited her. “To find what colors look good on you is very important”, Suzi says. “People have different color types, and your color type may change with age, because your skin tone changes as you become older. That is why, after fifty, it is important to review which colors go well with your hair and skin tone and which do not.” After picking out the right color palette, Suzi dyed her hair bright ginger.

“After I dyed my hair, I started tying a kerchief round my head sometimes, to hide the growing roots”, Suzi says. “Now this kerchief has become my signature accessory, and I don't leave home without it even if my hair is dyed perfectly. It is my style.”

Now Suzi writes books about healthy nutrition and looking well after fifty — she does that for a living. There are three components to beauty at this age, she says, and these are exercise, nutrition, and style. She says she is confident about the way she looks like she had never been before and she doesn't feel invisible anymore.

“Recently a young girl has taken a picture of me and herself and published it with a note: “I want to be her when I grow up”. That's flattering!”

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