Tziporah Salamon, Who Is Considered to Be One of the Most Stylish Women in New York

At the age of 65, Tziporah Salamon is rightly considered to be one of the most stylish women in New York. Not only does she model for fashion magazines and clothing brands, but she also gives lectures on style to students of design schools, and costume designers borrow clothes from her personal collection to use in movies and on TV.

Time and age, Tziporah Salomon believes, are the best allies in the battle for unique personal style.

“For example, ” she says, “I know I look better in pants than a skirt. How would I know that? Because I've worn enough of both in my life! The greatest secret is to find a way to understand and to love yourself. Allow some time to watch yourself and your own life closely, and you will start using clothes for creative self-expression. This is the highest form of art, and it is available to everyone. We all wear something, and this means we all have an opportunity to express ourselves. You can stay elegant no matter your age or financial circumstances. You donʼt need to buy expensive clothes to look amazing.”

We talked Tsiporah Salomon into visiting the Well Over Fifty festival in Budva! Especially for the guests of the festival, she will conduct a seminar called The Art of Dressing. You can polish this art, says Tziporah, at any time and at any age, and at the seminar she will give you some practical recommendations and reveal her secrets of unique personal style to you.

Tziporah Salomon has warned us that she is going to bring several suitcases filled with clothes and accessories with her, so her analysis of tricks and techniques is going to be detailed and instructive.

Do you wish to meet Tziporah and a whole bunch of other incredible speakers weʼve invited from all over the world? Come to the festival! For registration and details, see our Eventbright page 

Video: Advanced Style/Ari Seth Cohen