What Is the Main Secret of Happy Life after Fifty?

The most important thing to comprehend about this age: one shouldnʼt lead the same lifestyle they had at thirty or forty.

The right thing to do is to allow yourself to change and to grow further. It is possible to stay young after fifty, but to do this you need to accept your age, and to let go of your past. It would be unnatural to live at fifteen as if you were still five, or at thirty as if you were still fifteen. This does not mean, of course, that we enjoy life less. On the contrary, we enjoy it more, but in a different way and thanks to different things. It is possible only if we donʼt stop in our personal development.

As long as we think that our development ends after fifty, as long as we desperately stick to the past and try to live like we did before, as if nothing has changed, we might as well forget about joy and happiness. All that is left in this case is useless regrets that the clock cannot be set back. Joy and happiness appear when you let your past go and allow yourself to live further, to change and become different again. In all areas of life.